Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Scale's AHHH!!!

It's getting kind of frusterating which scale to go by to weigh myself. The one at Golds Gym or the one at home that I have. Good news good news though mine says I have lost five pounds at home. SoOo maybe I should go by that one lOl. Mom says I should just stick to one scale because not every scale you go one is going to say the same thing. I think she might be right on that one *shruges*. Progress is being made though so YAY. I figured that by June I will have lost 10 pounds. Mom says I should lose more like 50 by then lOl. I was just being realistick in how much I can lose in a month at a time. Maybe she's right with that to who knows. Maybe by June I will lose all of my weight. That would be soOo nice becuase then I can go to North Carolina feeling like a new women *smiles*. I will be half my size which is the goal.

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Nilla said...

Yes, definitely only go by one scale. And, even though the scale at home is the one you prefer, since you are weighing in front of someone at Gold's, I would use that one. But, either way, you will have lost weight! That's great news! And just keep working on it! You'll get to your goal eventually, and I'm sure you will have lost more than 10 pounds by June, at this rate!