Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Goal

I have a new goal in mind for my body. I just discovered that Golds Gym has classes to take that I am pretty sure are for free. So this is my scheduel for what I am going to be doing. Lets just say my nights are going to be changing a little now.
Monday at 9am Wednesday 10am
Step Tone Cycle Muscle Works
Wednesday 5 30pm Monday threw thursday
All Aba Work Out 6pm cycle classes I'm
Guessing thats with a bick
Then I figure as soon as I lose 50 pounds and start feeling more comortable with myself. I"ll start taking the hip hop classes that they have at 8pm and Salsa classes at 7pm.
My trainer is a lady sadly I found out that Blake only does the three for free when you first join. Darn it all lOl. He reminds me of Bob the trainer from the biggest loser. Younger and cuter though. So now my trainer is Kim. She's great. Kim told me that me being in the movie room that they have for an hour is good. I do this one machine for a half hour then the bick for a half hour. But then I told her that I do a tottel body work out every single time I go for a half hour. She said thats not good. She said you dont want to wear yourself out by doing a full body work out every single time that you come. You want to work out say for insteance work out your abs twice a week and your legs once a week. Maybe that's why I am a little tired today I dunno. Hopefully my legs wont kill me tomorrow at work.

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Nilla said...

Okay, I like your picture! I like the hair style! Looks great! And you know, they probably get Blake to be the personal trainer for the first 3 so that the women want to stay on ;). Sounds like you'll be busy! So, good luck with the weight loss plan!