Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have been in an annoyance of a mood all day today. I think it's because Its an overcast day. That tends to do it sometimes. Pluse I weighed myself at Golds today. Says I gained my three that I thought I lost two days ago grrr. Makes me feel like I want to eat everything I see today but I WoNt. Sighs. Its just so flippen frusterating. I normally dont eat when I am down but its very tempting this time. Been working out almost a month now. I know things just dont happen over night but if feels like its been forever lOl. Just normal feelings I guess when your trying to go threw changes. I'm not going to quit I just hope I have a better day tomorrow.


Nilla said...

I know I already told you, but don't give up. You'll see results (and feel them!) in the way your clothes fit. You will be rewarded for all the effort you are making in working out!

Janae said...

Just ran across your blog. You are looking really good. What happened to Jeremy? Its me Janae From St. George. Come check out our Blog or just click on my name.
Janae Bang