Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Dream One Tree Hill Update

*sighs* one day it will happen hopefully in June it will happen. I dream about it thats how bad I want it lOl. I don't really do it for the money because its not much to make while doing it. But I just love it so. I wish I can do nothing but extra work for movies. Move to California or travel around the world just doing nothing but being extras for the rest of my life. That would make me a very happy women. *sighs day dreaming of it all as we speak*. I even looked up the weather for Wilmington North Carolina how sad is that lOl. Hear is the link in case you are curiouse of the weather lOl just keep reading on if your not I understand lOl. I believe June is the best time to go. I'm looking that info up right after I am done with this blog. In June I will have all the money saved up to go for two weeks. I'd love to stay longer but will be going bank rupt after this trip lOl. Except for whats in my checking lOl. Got to still pay for Golds Gym oh wait I"m suppost to be day dreaming here lOl. Sorry didnt mean to lose track of it all. Didnt mean to go into reality. Sighs reality bits sometimes lOl.


Nilla said...

Haha... This was pretty fun to read. Yeah, it's nice to daydream.

simran said...

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