Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doctors Visite

I went to the doctors today and they said that they dont see anything to where I would have to have surgery for my back pains that I have been having for the past 10 years now. The doc says the next step he would take is to start getting shots for the inflamtion shruges. Thats all I really understood. Sounds painfull enought lOl. Yicks. So we went a head and scheduled for my first shot to be on the 21st. Wish me luck jk. My mom is going to see dr Rishmen however hes spells it for her apointment she is going to get a second apinion to see what he says because dr tippist said hes one of the best. So thats all thats going on for now.
I burned 530 calories today at golds while watching half of the new Rocky movie. The half that I saw was pretty good. Of course during his training they got to have the theme song from all the other Rocky movies lOl. So that got me pumping on the bick. I put my bick today on leavel 7 and man that was tuff but calories went by faster so that was nice. I weighed myelf at the docs and it says I lost three pounds eh go figure someone elses scale would be different lOl. But I'll go with it lOl. Only 47 more pounds to go lOl. The goal is to lose 50. Little by little. I got some pills at the Golds gym health store lipradorne something like that lOl. But I think its because of those that I lost something so YAY. Anyways thats the progress of my weight lose.

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Nilla said...

Great new about the weight loss! And I hope that the shots help your back feel better!