Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy Sunday Morning Going Out Of My Mind lOl

So my dog woke me up yet again at 1:30am to let him out to go to the bathroom. After that I was just in and out of sleep. So I didn't get much sleep last night. Got up got dressed went to church. I know my church times changed to 9:30am instead of 9am this is how disoriented I was today. I get to church thinking that I am going to be on time because its 9:20am. I go in sit on the couch in the hallway thinking wait what is everyone doing here? why did I just miss sacrament? Its not suppose to start tell 9:30. What's going on here? So I sit there for the whole sacrament. Half way threw I realize that I don't recognize anyone. You think that would of been a clue for me but noOo I just sit there tell the end of sacrament. Then I go by my door where all the computers are because that's where my calling is for extractions. The sign says opens on Sunday 10am tell 2pm. Whats going on its still not open? So then I decide to go up to the releifsociety. I go in there and everyone that I know is there lOl. I go and sit down and they say the prayer and then everyone gets up to leaves lOl. I'm like what the heck is going on here. I go ask one of the releifsociety presidency what time church starts. They look at me kind of weird and says 9:30am but this class is first so come here first next time. It doesn't end here. I start heading for my car outside sit down look at my clock and says 10 30am lOl. I'm thinking of the old schedule leaving right ofter releifsociety. I'm like wait a minute its not time to leave yet. So I sit there for a few seconds out of my mind. So I go back into church and I see a class that has the right people in there. I go in there and enjoy a familiar setting then sacrament started after that but I just went home after that confusing day because I already went to the wrong sacrament earlier. SO that was my crrrazy day for ya...Shakes head. Can't wait tell I get older and really lose my mind that should be fun rolling of eyes ricks.

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Nilla said...

Wow! sounds like a confusing morning. It gets crazy when they change up the schedules!