Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools Day

So I went to work knowingly that it was April 1st and when I got home it was kind of quiet. Then I forgot that it was April Fools day and I come up the stairs and asked my mom whats going on. My mom said whats the worst thing that can happen to jared? I said I dunno why she said that he was going to Iraq. She got a call from jared but he didn't say when because he was in a meeting and couldn't talk at the moment. So I got really frustrated not just with him going to Iraq but I cant lose two brothers. Gods supposed to be helping us bring our family closer together with Jeremy. A brother of mine who we haven't seen or heard from in 12 years now. If that means losing jared to get jeremy then forget it. Were doing just fine with out him I cant bare to lose jared to. So I then later mom comes in my room saying what day is it Chimene? I said Tuesday why. Yea but what date is it I'm all aw maan I fail for it. So I called Jared on my way to get my dad from tracks the first thing that I said to him was that's not funny Jared. Hes all whats not funny? I'm all you going to Iraq that's not something to joke about. Hes all what do you mean I really am going. I said no your not mom and I figured out that its April fools today. Hes all oh that's today I didn't know that would of been a good one to tell people though. I"m all no its not its not something you should joke about. Hes all no but I really am going. I'm all uh oh. Mom thinks your not going. So by this time I got my dad and handed him the phone then the two started laughing the whole way back. I couldn't figure it out whats so funny if hes really going to go to Iraq then what is so funny. Then my dad and him hung up the phone and my dad said that he is not going that it was all a joke. So I called my brother back after I got home the first thing that came out of my mouth was jared your such a BSer. He starts laughing. Mom I guess called his wife Lisa said that no hes not going. I told jared said its a good thing we have Lisa to fall back on to keep us all in lined with the trueth. I told him that I couldn't lose one brother if it meant bring the other brother back and losing him then I don't want it. he said that I was a good women for the lOl. So that's my entertaining after noon.

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Nilla said...

Awww! That would have upset me too!!! Glad Jared isn't really going! And glad to see you on the blog again :)!