Monday, December 17, 2007

End Of Year

This year is all finally coming to an end new wishes, hopes and dreams will be made. New Goals will be set some will be broken. Hopefully to all who reads this it will happen.
There's nothing more to say except the same old thing that I have already told you. I had my MRI on friday. It was two hours long. The guy that did the MRI was cute so that kind of helped a little lOl. He would talk to me every now and then threw the inter com asking how I am doing because I told him that I get very sick laying on my back. So he would check in on me every now and then to see how I was doing. He's all you okay in there? I'm all yea so far so good. Hes all okay hang in there sweety. That made me blush it was a good thing he couldnt see that lOl. I got to listen to two wonderful cds to help me threw not wanting to throw up. Thanks to Gosh Groban and Phantom of the Operah.
My goal for the new year I got a personal trainer and I told him that I would love to lose 50 pounds. SoOo Watch out everyone he said come summer we can get you ready for. But hes paid to say stuff like that right lOl? He is very cute his name is Blake and my seceret dream is to convert him to our religion and fall in love with him lOl. His personality reminds me off of the trainer for the biggest loser Bob Green. lOl love it. I will eventually get a picture of what he looks like so you all will know what I am talking about :) .
Saving money right now for a plane ticket to North Carolina because that is where my favorite tv show is filmed One Tree Hill. All I ask for Christmas is a plane ticket to North Carolina for two weeks to be an extra on the show. Only 8 days tell Christmas hope, hope. That's all with me I will let you know whats going on later.... Peace Out.

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