Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22,2007

Thank you to my friend Sarah and Melanie Golding who I have both known sense I was a wee little thing. Thank you both for having a blog on blogspot.com. I can see myself getting hooked on something like this. Plus they make a good journal entry lOl.

My name is Raylene Chimene Seegmiller.
Other Name: Chimene sense I was 15
Age 26,
Residents: Utah or Open to where lOl jk.
Single statues: Sadly yes I'm single.
Birthday June 24th 1980.
Age range for men to date, for those that might
Be interested in setting me up with
Low age 21 High 31 but depending on the
situation of how mature the guy is, the age range
Can change lOl.
Favorite TV shows

Lot's More I just cant think of them all at the top of my head lOl.

ONE TREE HILL: In love with that one sense day one lOl
THE BACHELOR: I'd marry Andy in a heart beat too if I where on the show lOl.
Favorite Music

Lots more can't thing of all of them at the top of my head.

Nsync: always and forever a fan
Justin Timberlake: wish he would come to SLC for a concert and not Vegas
Britney Spears: I don't care what she has done I still like her stuff lOl
Mariah Carry
Christina Aguilara: However her last name is spelt lOl
Whitney Houston: My favorite of all my inspiration besides her bad habits
Alisha Keys
Gladis Knight
Brian McKnight: The one who knows how to get to your soul lOl
Enrique Inglesias: so good looking as well as good music lOl
Maroon five
Smash Mouth
Click Five: meet them being an extra in a movie called "Taking 5" they are awesome.
M&M: I only like some of his songs

So that is a little something something about me lOl. I will probably be writing and keeping an update on this thing. I like computers so this is a good way to keep an update on my life and things that are going on. Let me know what you think so far if anyone decides to read all lOl...........


Sarah said...

Congrats on the new blog!

Jayson said...

This is a fun thing I would only caution you to not provide the world so much detail about your personal contact info.

Jared said...

Very cool, Ray-Ray (only the "in crowd" can call you that). My wife has been thinking of something like this. Keep it up....oh, and I would have to agree with Jayson.